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Why REALeResearch?

You can rely on us to...
(A lot of reading, yes. But we think that you deserve to know the details of the awesomeness that your research dollar will buy!)...

  • Quickly grasp and assess your business' unique goals and objectives:  REALeResearch is proud to have (successfully!) assisted clients from many industries, each with their own unique research needs and goals
    • We take the time to ask you questions about your goals and objectives and explore areas of potential learning or possible avenues of discovery.
    • "Never Assume" is our motto - often times consumer research findings can produce "Ah ha!" moments because we do not know what we don't know - we'll hold your hand to start your research exploration with an open mind! (Think of REALeResearch as your flash-light in an unexplored cave - sometimes you may encounter bats - other times awesome stalagmites and crystals! - We'll help you discover both - and then understand what to do with these discoveries)!
  • Provide expert-level, unbiased moderating: We take pride in years of experience interviewing (thousands!) of consumers and business professionals from all walks of life. You can trust that your customers, prospective customers, associates, constituents or employees, will be interviewed in a relaxed setting, ensuring that honest feedback is gathered about your product, idea, service or web offering.
  • Provide attentive, personalized project management:  Susan Reale, Proprietor and Senior-level researcher, ensures personal, hands-on service throughout all aspects of the project, from the initial planning stage, to analysis of the data.  Unlike some larger research firms, REALeResearch does not outsource to less experienced vendors or junior employees who lack the breadth of experience that you deserve when you hire a research consultancy!
  • Choose an optimal methodology for gathering feedback: Based on your individual business' objectives and audience, REALeResearch has the background and experience to understand and recommend which methodology will best suit your objectives, whether it is usability testing, focus groups, on-site visits, quantitative, or remote interviewing, etc. REALeResearch excels in a variety of research methodologies and partners with expert quantitative research analysts (people expert at number crunching and large volume data analysis).
  • Recommend the right demographics/target audience or "user persona": Understanding who you want to talk to is key to a successful project. Knowing how to find your target audience (or exploring 'personas' to better understand who you should be speaking to), is the foundation of a successful project.
    • Getting qualified, articulate people to participate in your research also takes talent!
    • After interviewing thousands of participants - we understand that this is an intregral part of a successful research study: 'Cookie-cutter' recruiting practices typically only bring in 'cheaters & repeaters' or barely screened participants (often found trolling high-traffic sites such as Craigslist's "Etc" section or through 'DIY' research services). 
    • Screening questionnaire writing is an art. REALeResearch has written (literally) thousands of screeners since 1985 and, more importantly, successfully recruited thousands of participants. Lately, we have seen a lot of "leading" (i.e., letting the respondent know what you are looking for before you even recruit them), screeners and DIY survey's being used to recruit respondents. This is primarily due to their being written by well-intentioned, but inexperienced researchers. Poor recruiting can lead to skewed, unusable, unreliable research findings (ultimately costing your business time AND money).
  • Conduct a clear, precise, yet thorough analysis of the data:  REALeResearch's analysis and reporting skills have received accolades from clients for many years. At the study completion, your business team will walk-away being able to take immediate steps to improve your product based on the analysis provided by REALeResearch.
    • We believe in the separation of 'church & state' so to speak: We are not "slashies" and do not practice dual "Designer/Researcher' or "Marketer/Researcher" roles. We believe that in order to receive unbiased, 3rd-party, research findings and analysis, the product (or marketing, or web, or packaging, etc), development teams should be seperated from the research interviewing and analysis. When you're judging your own baby in the beauty contest (or judging your bosses' or colleagues' babies), it is difficult to remain impartial!
  • Deliver expert-level research services at a reasonable cost:  REALeResearch is an independent research consultancy providing 'Senior-level' expertise.
    • REALeResearch is quick, efficient, flexible and streamlined without compromising on quality. We promise to work within your budget and produce compelling, highly enlightening and most importantly valuable research to better your product or service.
    • Fortunately, we do not have the exorbitant overhead costs necessary for larger research agencies to perform. In addition, as a boutique shop, we guarantee that you will work only with a Senior-level researcher with a breadth of research experience that can only be acheived after years of conducting a variety of studies.