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> Qualitative Research

REALeResearch has conducted thousands of successful qualitative-method research studies. 

Qualitative methodologies are used to understand the 'Whys' and motivations.

  • Probing in-depth to truly delve into a person's mind to discover their honest feelings, behaviour and motivation takes skill; employing an experienced moderator/interviewer to do so will make this possible. 

  • A few examples where qualitative works well are...

    • Concept Ideation or Exploration

    • New Product Evaluation

    • Product, Service or Brand Positioning

    • Messaging & Communication Assessment

    • Advertising Review

Qualitative Research may employ a variety of tools and methods (online or in-person)...

  •  Focus Group Discussions
  • Brainstorming Sessions

  • On-site/Contextual Interviews

  • In-Depth, individual interviews