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Although web sites are most widely associated with Usability Interface ("UI") testing, any product that is "used" by a consumer or business may be explored to understand the user's experience with it...

REALeResearch has vast experience with product usability research, since 1985: 

  • eReaders: hardware & interface
  • Mobile Phone hardware and interface (Nokia)
  • iiTV interface (interacive TV / T-commerce)
  • Apps for iOS, iPad, Android, RIM and Symbian (i.e., Toyota, Amazon, Lab126, NQ Mobile, Schwab, Nokia, NBC, Gogobot)
  • Computer wrist rests
  • Laptop and eReader cases' design
  • Children’s toys
  • Product instructions
  • CMS
  • SaaS
  • Phone-trees
  • Text-to-Speech "voice"
  • Laptop security locks
  • Tools used in autopsies
  • ...many other products...

Usability Testing may be performed at any point before, during or after a product is developed to ensure it is intuitive to use.

Regardless of the type of product, well-conducted usability research will capture honest "user-centric" feedback - both in terms of the users' actions (or lack thereof),  their motivations behind their actions and their level of satisfaction with a product/interface. Issues (perceived or real), will be revealed and these problems may be remedied - ultimately saving the product developers time and money.

Including user feedback in the design process creates products that people feel confident using and reinforces their positive impression of the brand/product...

Oftentimes, product/Web developers are too close to their product to see potential problems, seen by the unbiased eyes of a user.
Users do not always understand or agree with the designers’ intent, and may find that the product design/content is confusing and/or they do not use the product’s features as the developers had envisioned.