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Services Overview


REALeResearch believes in a holisitc and custom-made approach when designing a research study. Each business will have their own unique objectives, goals and needs for wanting to better understand their customers or consumers. Thus, when designing a research study, we do not have one, cookie-cutter approach and will recommend a research program to best meet your needs.

Experienced researchers, (and that's what we are!), will know when to choose the right tools in from their toolbox and use them  appropriately...we like to think of it as a fine art, mixed in with a dose of science, a sprinkling of intuition, cutting-edge skills and lots of hands-on know-how!

REALeResearch offers expertise in...

  • Qualitative Research Methods:  Focus groups (exploratory, brainstorming, ideation sessions); in-depth interviewing; on-site/ethnographic in-depths

  • User Experience: Understanding human interaction with, perceptions of, motivations for and usage of products and services

  • Usability & User Research: For web, mobile devices, eReaders, iTV, apps, eye-tracking studies...

  • Concept & New Product Development: Ideation/brainstorming, service/product exploration, wire-frame/prototype assessment,  mock-ups... 

Heuristic Evaluations: Expert review of your web site, software, eService or interface

*Many methodologies may be layered during one study to address multiple goals:  For instance; a usability test interivew may also combine aspects of in-depth interviewing in order to gather users' psychology behind their use-motivations, feedback regarding the product concept or advertising messaging, and/or users' perceptions of the product manufacturer's brand 'halo'.